Andra Adomavičienė

The insitu-concrete slab is one of the most popular construction methods used for floors in multi-story buildings around the world today, giving rise to a huge demand for slab forming equipment. There are a great variety of different systems available on the market but the majority of the systems operate using the telescopic prop as a basic component. These props are ideally suited to the job, but although they are rugged and durable, sometimes negligent handling and misuse can cause the props to become damaged.   

Equipment from major manufacturers from around the globe tends to be remarkably similar, opening the possibility of mixing components from different producers in the same system. Many contractors who have equipment from different suppliers regularly mix and match with no adverse effects, but most manufacturers strongly caution against this practice.

Buy or Rent Scaffolding and Formwork

This question causes much debate and many contractors agonize over whether it is better to buy or to rent. Some contractors are fundamentally against renting equipment arguing that rent is ‘dead money’, whereas if purchased the equipment not only solves an operational need, but also adds a valuable asset to the company. Other contractors take the view that the rental option offers a more flexible, less risky option than purchasing, which they contend, ties up large amounts of capital and strains cash flow.