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Nov 04
Product Review – MevaDec

MevaDec is a slab formwork system manufactured by German Formwork Company Meva. It…

Nov 04
Used shoring props and scaffolding: discover the “all inclusive” GBM service.

Used shoring props and scaffolding: discover the “all inclusive” GBM…

Nov 03
Climbing Formwork for high rise RC Buildings

While using conventional formwork in a high rise type structure once one floor is…

Nov 02
Product Review – Hunnebeck ID15 Tower

ID15 is a stacking tower made by German manufacturer Hunnebeck. The system is a closed…

Nov 01
The Perfect Scaffolding System?

Although most manufacturers would say that their objective is to create the perfect…

Oct 25
How to Sell Used Scaffolding

Used Scaffolding can work just as well as brand new kit as long as it is maintained…

Oct 09
Do Formworkers need more training?

The activities of formwork and scaffolding are often grouped together under the…

Oct 03
5 meter prop – a false economy?

Double height slabs are common in commercial buildings and large public areas, as high…

Oct 01
Who invented the prop?

The humble prop is one of the most important components used in modern construction.…