Product Review – MevaDec

MevaDec is a slab formwork system manufactured by German Formwork Company Meva. It most economic for flat slabs with simple soffit geometry, but is capable for a wide range of more complex slab applications.

The system is uses props, either Meva EP or MEP props, supporting any one of a number of top structure configurations, but most commonly 1.6m x 0.8m aluminium panel on primary beam spanning between two drophead supports. There are several other configurations possible with the same basic equipment such as: propping directly to panels or using the primary and secondary beams in loose configuration. In addition to the top structure options the system can be used with regular Meva EP props or MEP props with extensions and/or gates to cover a wide range of propping heights and loads.

Advantages: MevaDec uses a drophead (early-strike) system with aluminium panels in order to reduce labour required, plywood waste and cut the overall amount of equipment needed by more rapid cycles. It is one of the most capable and flexible systems available in this segment of the market. The number of propping options allow Mevadeck to carry greater slab thicknesses at a greater range of heights than any other comparable system on the market. It is robust, comes with Alkus long life forming liner and does not use cover strips. The drophead system is very effective and it is relatively easy to strip.

Disadvantages: The strength of Mevadeck may contribute to one slight disadvantage. The flexibility of the system and the number of possible configurations has led many to find it complicated, which can slow productivity. The complexity also contributes to a higher number of components to cover different scenarios compared to some competitors which in turn makes stocking more challenging. Although Meva is one of most capable manufacturers in the world there is not a large secondary market for Mevadeck, so it would not be as easy as to sell on in the event.

Conclusion: This is an extremely capable system from a world class manufacturer, and it is probably best technical product having greater capabilities than competitor products, however despite the clever innovation, all modular panel systems are inherently inflexible. It is a high-end system and requires some thought and a huge volume of suitable work in order to justify investment.