How to Sell Used Scaffolding

Used Scaffolding can work just as well as brand new kit as long as it is maintained properly, so it is not surprising that there is an enormous market for good second hand equipment. For many, buying used equipment offers great savings against new, or for others a chance to lever available funds for additional equipment. Used equipment comes from a variety of sources both industry and private and can be available locally or even from another jurisdiction.

Finding buyers can often prove a challenge for sellers, but the easiest and faster approach is to let the buyers find you through effective advertising. In order to get the best possible price for equipment it is important to advertise to the largest possible relevant audience so placing a classified advert on the Formwork Store is a no brainer. The Formwork Store is receives thousands of site visits per month from around the world from people specifically looking to buy or sell Scaffolding and Formwork, so it is by far the most effective place to market your equipment.

Here are a few helpful pointers to consider to make your advert more effective:

  • Clean up and properly stack equipment for viewing and photographs.
  • Check equipment and remove all heavily damaged or unrepairable items.
  • Description in your advert should be as clear and honest as possible.
  • You should include photographs (as many as is practical).
  • You should upload equipment list in PDF (include manufacturers codes if possible)
  • Your advert should include asking price.
  • The price should be realistic compared to alternatives (remember buyers always have options).
  • Adverts on The Formwork Store are sequenced in order of last update, so every time an ad is modified it automatically goes to the top of first page an increases visibility.

While good advertising is effective, it is also advisable to get proactive. There are a number of companies that deal specifically with used equipment both Formwork and Scaffolding so it is worth scrolling through the classified ads on The Formwork Store and making contact with anyone selling similar equipment to see if they are also interested in buying.

Once contact has been made with a couple of buyers, the seller must be a little wary of some of the pitfalls involved and try to strike a balance between getting the best price while remaining realistic and not scaring away buyers. The seller must also be comfortable with the terms of the sale and we would caution against partial sales where the remainder is no longer working kit and we would always advise to insist on cash/secured payment prior to release of equipment!