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The Formwork Store


The Formwork Store is the place to buy or sell scaffolding, formwork or any associated product or service, new or old. It is an independent website set up to make it simple for buyers to find a choice of equipment on a single, well laid out website without having to trawl through endless irrelevant information. It has multiple postings from a range of suppliers, from right around the world, of both new and used equipment All ads are checked prior to publishing to deter spam spare our users time!


Sell Formwork or Scaffolding

When selling any product it is so important to advertise online, because that is where most people search for eveything they need, including construction equipment. If your product cannot be found easily online, then you are at a severe disadvatage and you are probably missing out on potential custumers. Setting up an effective website is a complex and expensive business which is why The Formwork Store offers such a great oppertunity for sellers.

Because it is focused on the scaffolding and formwork industry specifically, The Formwork Store offers sellers unrivaled opportunity to advertise their products or services 24 hours a day 7 days a week to a highly targeted audience in a very inexpensive and simple-to-use website .


Buy Formwork or Scaffolding

The Formwork Store makes it easy for buyers to search for the equipment they need. It is an independent website that has a huge range of equipment in a single well laid out website. We go out of our way to make the site easy to navigate with multiple filters to help the user find what they need without having to sift through irrelevant information.


What can be advertised on The Formwork Store:

  •     Formwork sale or hire.
  •     Scaffolding sale or hire.
  •     New or used equipment.
  •     Accessories.
  •     Plywood.
  •     Training for Scaffolding or formwork.
  •     Consultancy.


The Formwork Store offers 3 ways you can promote your products, equipment or services:

  • Classified advert, you can upload directly onto the site
  • 'Banner' or 'header' advert: you should send a request through our contact page and one of our team will be intouch with details.
  • Blog: If you have company news you would like to share we welcome contributions to our blog. For details you should send a request though on our contact page.


Guidelines for Advertising

  • Only ads related to Scaffolding, Formwork, Temporary Works or assosiated service may be posted
  • Strictly no spamming. Repeat or near duplicate ads will be deleted and offending accounts blocked.
  • Advertisers are also requested to delete ad when the item is sold.
  • Site admin reserves the right not to publish any advert deemed unsuitable for any reason.