The Solution Formwork Rental companies have been waiting for

Andra Adomavičienė

The insitu-concrete slab is one of the most popular construction methods used for floors in multi-story buildings around the world today, giving rise to a huge demand for slab forming equipment. There are a great variety of different systems available on the market but the majority of the systems operate using the telescopic prop as a basic component. These props are ideally suited to the job, but although they are rugged and durable, sometimes negligent handling and misuse can cause the props to become damaged.

Unfortunately, sometimes the inner or outer tube of the prop get dented and this prevents the telescopic action of the prop, rendering it un-useble. This is a problem that cannot be fixed using ordinary tools and often attempts to repair with a hammer cause even more damage. Up until 2011, the only options were to send the props to an expensive specialist facility to be repaired, or to simply dump them. This proved a major headache for rental companies, with both parties suffering: the rental company was unable to use the prop and the client was facing either a large repair bill or the cost of replacing with a brand new prop.

In 2011, a Lithuanian company came up with PropFIX solution. Using new technology, PropFIX was invented as a new technology, which is portable and easy to use. The new tool is hand held and can be used anywhere, props can be fixed on the spot without the need to transport, and this saves the contractor and the rental company time, money and aggravation!

The PropFIX tool is the best investment a rental company can ever make. As it takes 10-15 minutes to repair a prop and given the cost of props, the PropFIX tool will cover its cost in only one day! Most of the leading manufacturers (Peri, Hunnebeck, RMD Kwikform, Ulma, Paschal etc.) are already using PropFIX with overwhelmingly positive feedback and memorable comments:

“Masterpiece of my warehouse”. Peri staff

“Money making machine” Paschal Staff

“Very intelligent, yet seems so simple” ULMA staff

“Very professional” Hunnebeck Staff

“It’s like a cure from cancer in my yard” RMD Kwikform staff

“Unique and helpfull machine”, Doka staff

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