Refurbished Peri Trio Steel

We offer refurbished Peri trio in 270, 120 and 60 cm height. We have to offer more then 9.000 m² of formwork. Formwork is in top condition as you can see on pictures.

Refurbished Peri Trio 330 wall formwork

We offer refurbished Peri Trio 330 wall formwork in top condition. We have more then 1.500 m² on stock.

Ulma Comain formwork

We offer over 2.500 m² Comain formwork from Ulma with matching accessories. Formwork is in great condition.

Formwork wooden plates

We are selling new formwork wooden plates. 5.200 qm. 21,5 €/qm

Plettac SL70 Scaffolding 2,50

Used Plettac SL70 Scaffolding with 2,50m bays (about 1020 sqm) 164 pcs Vertikal frame SL B74 200 x 74 312 pcs Wooden deck SL B32 250 x 32 x 4,4 4 pcs Access deck w. ladder SL B64 250 x 64 360 pcs...

Layher Kederdach / Keder Roof

20 pcs Kederdach-Gitterträger 1,50 x 0,78 m (Lattice beam) 19 pcs Kederdach-Gitterträger 3,00 x 0,78 m (Lattice beam) 15 pcs Kederdach-Firststück (Ridge section) 29 pcs Kederdach-Traufstück (Eaves...

Hunnebeck Topec Panels, Good Condition

Topec-Tafel 180/90 Qty: 200 pcs Topec-Tafel 180/75 Qty: 8 pcs Topec-Tafel 180/60 Qty: 24 pcs Total sqm: 360,72 sqm Total Weight: 4824 kg Total Price: 42220,80 € Notes: Good Condition, Still usable...

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